Alumni Committee

AISTS Alumni Committee

The AISTS Alumni is served by a committee voted in by its members every two years.

The alumni committee can be reached at :

Objective of the Committee

The objectives of the AISTS Alumni Committee is to serve the alumni group by facilitating interaction between its members and strengthening the network through offering various services to its members.

Current Projects

  • AISTS Mentorship Programme,
  • Update of AISTS Alumni database platform and social media presence,
  • Alumni survey

Mentorship Programme

The AISTS MAS in Sport Administration Mentorship Programme is run by the AISTS with the support of the AISTS Alumni Committee. It is a purely voluntary programme which seeks to strengthen the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration network and enhance the experience of current participants and the alumni. 

The vision of the Mentorship Programme is to create a platform for academic, professional and social development for both AISTS MAS in Sport Administration participant-Mentees and alumni-Mentors in order to foster a successful and sustainable AISTS MAS in Sport Administration community.

If your are a current AISTS MAS in Sport Administration graduate and would like to mentor a current participant, contact the AISTS or your AISTS Alumni Committee.

Communication Channels

Current members of the AISTS Alumni can stay in contact with alumni and AISTS news, while keeping an eye on job opportunities, by joining and following the following communication channels:

Committee Members

Nikki Symmons, President
Former International Hockey player, constantly challenging myself and my team to become better and stronger. With all the defeats and the wins that come from my previous career I have learned how to work hard and never stop pushing the boundaries. As a passionate sports person I thrive on using twelve years of experience as an elite athlete to the dynamic setting of the sports business world. A highly motivated leader in my sport, I will be bringing positive and creative skills to my role within the AISTS Alumni. 

Gustavo Arellano, VP Institutional Relations
Engineer, Football, MBA, Marketing, Basketball and AISTS are relevant team experiences that formed my personal and professional profile with a leadership mind set. Motivated by the purpose of creating functional collaborative platform to generate the greatest interaction in our network, I will contribute promoting strategic developments and involve our unique community through our shared passion: sports. Venezuelan, goalkeeper and performance driven, I am always open to new ideas, please feel free to contact me at 

Claudio Ballor, VP Projects
After long time in Communication, I worked in Licensing, Marketing, Broadcasting, Competitions, and Event Management at a sports international level.  I have been lucky enough to cover almost the whole spectrum of the sports business, and learned over these years of the importance of a community.  As an AISTS graduated from 2007, I am back with full involvement to the Alumni to help realising the full potential of this exceptional group of professionals.

Prateek Gumbar, VP Events
I come from India and a graduate of AISTS MAS in Sport Administration class of 2013. I have been working with the World Rowing Federation in areas of events and technology for the past 3 years. I love to follow most sports and always up for a sports related debate. As the Alumni network grows, it is important to make the Alumni Association active so that it plays a more significant role during and post the MAS. Having been part of the previous Alumni committee (2014-2016), I am back again with renewed enthusiasm to serve the community. I am open to ideas and can be reached at

Hisham Shehabi, VP Alumni Relations
I have been in sport for most of my life; as an athlete at the Olympic Games, as an administrator, as an event manager and as a volunteer. Leading an active lifestyle is key to the advocacy I work to bring to the projects I work on. As an alumni I believe in putting sport at the disposal of development needs. As your representative, I aim to make the AISTS MAS more relevant in an increasingly inter-connected world, by learning from you and providing you with opportunities through the Alumni Committee and the AISTS Administration.

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