AISTS Alumni Professional Development Session

How to build your personal network on LinkedIn

The AISTS Alumni are invited to attend a professional development session with Erica Kessler.  The session is all about how you can build your personal network on LinkedIn.  Erica’s speciality is boosting companies or personal branding with LinkedIn Marketing and works with students, professionals, executives and CEO's as well as organisations and entrepreneurs.

Event Details

Thursday the 7th of March
The Synathlon
18:00 Erica Kessler
20:00 Apero
Tickets 20CHF


Please click register and once you have completed the form you will be asked to pay for your ticket via PayPal, with either a PayPal account or credit card. 



Erica Kessler

Erica Kessler is a native of Zurich, Switzerland and the founder and CEO of Kessler Social Media. She has a passion to motivate, educate, and empower more people to use LinkedIn to achieve their professional and business related goals. For the past twenty years, Erica has developed extensive experience in the marketing, communications, and branding industry. This includes a variety of traditional and online marketing tactics for multinational organizations such as Sony, McCann Erickson, Swarovski, and UBS. Erica now uses her expertise to guide both companies and individual professionals with their communication and marketing — particularly those interested in launching or improving their LinkedIn efforts. As a social media consultant and trainer for the past 4 years, Erica has been focused on consulting clients in Switzerland and other English-speaking countries by helping them strengthen their branding and increase visibility using LinkedIn marketing.

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