House of Switzerland - Local Baseball club

The Project

The House of Switzerland created and managed by Présence Suisse is a small piece of Switzerland located in Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. Open to public, the house, named by the Cariocas as Baixo Suiça – a cool place where you meet friends and spend time together – was the perfect location to celebrate sport during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Based on a baseball pitch that has been lent by the city of Rio, the House of Switzerland will renovate the pitch and support the local club.

Local youth posing in front of House of Switzerland in Rio

The Story

The House of Switzerland is a sustainable and transportable house. Made of wood, steel and tempered glass, the house was built by a team of six persons that put together the 1,100 prefabricated pieces. Local workers took care of all the details and adjustments.

Located on the Baseball pitch of the local club, Présence Suisse committed to renovate the pitch and support the local club. A big challenge, as the pitch is built on the water of the lagoon. A lot of water infiltrates under the pitch, which destroys it slowly. Putting new soil on it wouldn’t be the solution either as the ground become heavier and gets more and more down and full of water.

The shores of Lagoa have been built on the lagoon. The baseball pitch is literally on the water which makes things complicated for the renovation but we will find a solution to make sure kids can run on this pitch very soon again.

Gian-Carlo Fenini, Swiss General Consul in Rio

The Result

The House of Switzerland and the Swiss General Consulate committed to Rio and the local Baseball club to find a solution to renovate the pitch and to financially support the club. They will offer new equipment and will pay one year of coach training. A new pitch where kids can be educated through the values of sport and bring peace, serenity, and solidarity.

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