NBA House – Cisco Academy Program

The Project

The Olympic City Technical Programme has prepared more than 300 network technicians to work with the Rio 2016 technology partners during the Olympic Games or enter into another job within the IT-industry. The programme has been developed by Cisco to provide free-of-charge, in-person training to locals from Rio de Janeiro.

After completing 70 hours of training on “IT essentials”, students could continue with another 150+ hours to become Olympic Network Technician. The NBA House hired three Olympic Network Technicians to work for them during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Technology is an area with several career development possibilities, and professionals in this sector are in a great demand by the market, especially with the arrival of an event with the proportion of the Olympic Games.

Rodrigo Uchoa, New Business Director and Rio 2016 Coordinator for Cisco

Cisco "IT Essentials" training centre

The Story

Edna Félix juggled the workload of the Cisco course with her responsibilities at home and her other college courses. After five months she was among a small group of women who graduated. 100 of the 300 graduates of the Olympic City Technical Programme were employed during the Rio 2016 Games. Edna worked as network technician at the NBA House. As the NBA always needs temporary Cisco-technicians for their events, they were quick to recruit Edna and her two colleagues for the NBA House.

All you want; you achieve with education.

Edna Felix, graduate Olympic City Technical Programme and working at the NBA House

In total over 100 graduates worked throughout a variety of venues and hospitality houses during both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Among them were three who worked at the Operations Centre of the Beach Volleyball Arena. 

The Result

Yuri Vidal, a fellow-graduate of Edna, also worked for the NBA House during the Olympic Games. Working at the Games gave him a kick-start in his young professional career. Following his work with the NBA House, Yuri got invited to come to the USA to work as Cisco network technician on another event.

Starting your professional career with hands-on experience at the biggest sport event on the planet is a unique opportunity

Yuri Vidal, graduate Olympic City Technical Programme and working at the NBA House

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