AISTS Speakers at Conferences & Events

Conferences and Lectures attended by AISTS speakers:

Please find below a list of the most recent events in which members of the AISTS team have been invited to speak on a variety of topics related to the field of sport.

  • Winter Universiade Conference 2013 - International Interdisciplinary Conference on University Sport: Inspiring Innovation, Trento. Italy (9-10 December 2013). Speakers included: Dr. Claude Stricker 

  • 'Economic Impact of Sports Events: A Case Study', City Events, Lausanne, Switzerland (13 -15 November 2013). Speakers included: M. Geert Hendriks

  • 'Best Practices in Sustainability & Impact' and 'Sport and Sustainability: Measurement & Evaluation', Beyond Sport 2013, Philadelphia, US (9 -11 September 2013). Speakers included: M. Geert Hendriks

  • 'How to achieve self-fulfillment through sports?', Centre de Congrès Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland (25 mars 2013). Speakers included: Dr. Claude Stricker & Jeremy Mallétroit

  • 'Bridging the gap between innovation and education in sport', International Sports Convention 2012Amsterdam, The Netherlands (12 December 2012). Speakers included: M. Geert Hendriks

  • 'Olympism Powered by Youth',  8th World Conference on Sport, Education and Culture, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (25 -27 November 2012). Speakers included AISTS MAS in Sport Administration participant: Kamila Hajkova
  • 'Educating your LOC: Sustainability Education Programmes', IF Forum 2012Lausanne, Switzerland (November 2012). Speakers included: M. Geert Hendriks
  • 'Challenges and Opportunities for Modern Sports in a Global World', 2012 Global Sports Leaders Forum, Seoul, South-Korea (11 October 2012). Speakers included: Dr. Claude Stricker

  • 'Multidisciplinary Sciences, Coaching, and Innovation', Korean National Sport University, Seoul, South-Korea (9 October 2012). Speakers included: Dr. Claude Stricker

  • 'Economic Perspectives and Benefits of Sport (Perspectives Economiques et Valeurs Ajoutées du Sport)', at the Forum Economique du Nord Vaudois, La Marive, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland (30 August 2012)

  • 'Management and Technology in Sports Science', at the University of Chulalongkorn, Thailand (2009). Speakers included: Dr. Claude Stricker & M. Matt Dolf 

  • International Sport Management Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland (6-8th May 2009). Speakers included : Dr. Claude Stricker

  • Presentation of the AISTS Sustainable Sport & Events Toolkit at the Sports & Culture Congress, Kufstein, Austria (15 May 2009). Speakers included : M. Matt Dolf

  • Annual Meeting of the Scientific Committee of the Sports Management Institute of Grenoble, Marseille, France (2009). Speakers included : Dr. Claude Stricker

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